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Pathways Internship

Pathways Internships provides youth and young adults, particularly those facing barriers to employment, hands-on experiences to explore and learn about careers in outdoor recreation, natural resources, and public service. 


The Pathway Internship Program introduces young people to various roles throughout Three Rivers Park District, giving them an opportunity to explore different career paths.


The Three Rivers Park District Foundation provides support to this program through funding to hire interns as well as transportation scholarships for individuals where the ability to find reliable transportation impacts their participation in the Pathways Internship Program. 

Youth in Parks and Rec
“One of the key goals of the Pathways program is for interns to gain information that can help them make important decisions regarding their future when the time comes. Throughout the summer, we had three development days in which we worked on networking, resume writing and speaking with other professionals. By getting exposure to different career paths, we are now better educated and informed to make important decisions when the time comes. 

                                                      ~ Harshita Somani, Pathways Intern
Park Intern Harshita Somani
“From my experience as a Pathways intern, I've found there are numerous career paths in the parks. In the outdoor education field, I have learned how the programs run in the parks, as well as skills like resume writing and networking that will help me in the future when I look to get a career or a job. I've had a wonderful time serving alongside the naturalists at the park. This opportunity was the highlight of my summer. I'm thankful for the people that invested in me, and I look forward to continuing to develop my passion for the outdoors and sharing the importance of connecting to our natural resources."
                                                      ~ Alejandro (Alex) Carey, Pathways Intern
Park Intern
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